Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Piecing Together a Puppy Mill

Looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, maybe?

Photo: The Daily Puppy

In this day in age, the first place you might look is on the Internet. You would come across a page like this, describing the breed.

Scrolling towards the bottom of that page, you'll see an ad for Zippity Do Da & Tiny Pet Kennels:


Lewisburg, TN (931) 637-5896

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chihuahua

West Higland White Terriers & Shih-Tzu

S/W, health contract, parents on site, lap dog companions.
They sound nice...right? Health contract is definitely something I want to see and I've heard that seeing the parents is a sign of a good breeder...right??
Now it's time to find out more about the kennel. Google brings up these results:

 The first 3 links aren't even active anymore...probably because just under 100 dogs had to be rescued from their deplorable living conditions while they were housed at Zippity Do Da...


If you read our other post about puppy mills, you know that the number one thing keeping puppy mills in business is the fact that consumers have no idea they're buying their dogs from conditions like this.

These aren't dramaticized stories to tug at American heartstrings - animals are being born, raised and sold from horrid conditions every single day to caring homes across the country.

People buying these dogs aren't trying to be cruel. They think they're doing the right thing. But the breeders that put animals through this kind of suffering don't care about their well-being - they care about their wallets.

Remember the signs of a good breeder.

When it comes to buying, raising, training, feeding, etc. - ALWAYS ask questions. Lots of questions. Whoever doesn't answer those questions (especially after you've paid them for their services!) isn't in this business for you or your dog.

Here's more information about puppy mills and how to stop them.


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