Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Dog By Any Other Name...

How did you come up with your dog's name?

When I adopted Sarah in 2000, she was a meak little puppy huddling in the back of her kennel run. She was so timid and sweet that Sarah instantly came to mind. I knew it the moment I saw her...

Bizzle Fo' Shizzle didn't happen quite so quickly. It had been days since her homecoming and I was still just calling her "puppy". It wasn't until one day when all 4 lbs of her were ferociously tugging on my friend's pant leg that he exclaimed "Get off of me, you bizzle!" So far in her 6 years with us, she's lived up to her name every day.

Update: apparently, Bizzle is also a Christian rapper *tee hee* That is soooo not our Bizzle...

J and I were watching True Blood when we mistakenly thought one of the werewolves' name was Kuna when, in fact, it was Cooper. We thought "Kuna! That's an awesome name!" J knew Kuna was a perfect match to the name the instant we saw him. (I've since changed the name to Tuna...since our sweet little boy is too dang goofy to have a cool name like Kuna...)

What about you? Share with us by leaving a comment!


  1. Roxy got her name because she loved fetching rocks. Jasmine got her name before she even came to us. We wanted the most beautiful female name starting with J. (we are all Js in our house). So Jasmine was it. Like princess Jasmine from The Magic Carpet. And a princess she is! J.D. got his name being her dog. J.D. = Jasmines Dog.

  2. Haha! I LOVE how creative you were with using your dog's fascination with rocks!

    J's old dog's name was Anastasia - named after the movie character!

    I love your creativity!