Monday, February 7, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? It's a hilarious movie about working at the office and some of the oneliners are classic! Here's the official trailer:

In the movie, there are a couple clips where they make a joke about the phrase "A case of the Mondays"...

What does Office Space have to do with you and your dog?

Let's face it: everyone gets bogged down at some point, usually when it requires quitting that fun thing we're doing (ahem...the WEEKEND!) and having to do something we're not really looking forward to - work!  Dragging your feet to your desk, you give it all you've got...but not really, because you'd almost always rather be anywhere else.

Guess what! Your dog feels like this sometimes too! Some days I'll be working with Bizz and I notice she's just not feelin' it and I say to her ('cause she can totally understand me) "It's okay girl - you've just got a case of the Mondays."

What to do when you're feelin' blue and your dog is too

You can still engage with your dog with luring games and hiding food games; that is, if you're not up for a snuggle. (I'm ALWAYS game for a puppy snuggle!)

Sometimes Often, I'll toss a handful of treats or kibble in the air, letting them land wherever. It's up to the dog's to find them. Then I sit back on the couch and unpause my DVR. tee hee.

Or, I'll put Easy Cheese in one of their marrow bones, put that in an old pillowcase, twist it up really good and tie a knot. Then, I hide it and sit back on the couch and unpause my DVR. Are you seeing a pattern here? ;)

Have you ever noticed your dog just not being themselves?

What do you do with your dogs when either of you have got a case of the Mondays?

BTDubbs, did you know this? A little fun fact about the Mondays...


  1. We love Office Space...Fun fact: Ron Livingston was on the same flight as us a couple of years ago. I obsessively stared at the back of his head. Weird? Yes.

    Whenever Gus is grumpy or restless, we take him for a walk. It's enough to wear him out and improve his mood.

    I'm soooo stealing your treat throwing idea. He loves digging around for food!

  2. I would totally be staring at Mr. Livingston! Either that or quoting his movies to him. I bet he'd find THAT