Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Challenged Pet-Blogger

Bizzle Fo' Shizzle

I was über upset when I thought I missed the "Pet Blogger Challenge" hosted by Will My Dog Hate Me? and Go Pet-Friendly (two blogs I happen to lurk on the regular). Yesterday, at the last minute, I sat in front of my computer, ready to attack the keyboard, only to discover that this blasted sinus infection had melted every single one of my brain cells. 

Congestion is not the new hotness.

BUT! I decided, what the hay! I'll submit something anyway! That's when I discovered the deadline for entry was actually midnight tonight (January 11th). Woo-hoo! Let the challenge begin!

When did you begin your blog?

January 21, 2009 was the first entry, something about a daily quote (it took just three days before that idea went out the window). I didn't really do any research, I just hopped on the scene and by "scene" I mean that I wasn't really talking to anyone and no one knew I existed. 

What was your original purpose?

My reactive dog Bizzle started me on this journey - I talk about her often throughout the blog because she's been my most patient and knowledgable teacher. I wanted people to know that they're not alone, that training your dog is not always easy, even for the professionals. But the rewards?! Endless.

Is your current purpose the same?

I started blogging as a way to talk to people about dogs and now I find myself wanting to engage more in conversation...I'm wanting to talk with readers more than anything.  The blog is still packed with dog training advice and tips but I try to live up to the name of the blog more and take time to reflect on what I'm learning from my own life with dogs and hope that people can relate and learn. 

Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you?

Ha ha ha!! Oh, how I wish I had the discipline to write as much as I should! And on a schedule!? I don't even think I can pronounce that! I force myself to blog once a week, at the very least. Some months are more packed than others and some months just plain suck for blog entries.

Are you generating income from your blog?

I've tried figuring out how to do that because extra money is always nice but [hangs head] the answer is no.  I always find myself clicking on a million links and then somehow, I'm lost in cyberspace, googling "how to make a vegan cheesecake", forgetting what I started out to research. SQUIRREL!

What do you like most about blogging in general and your blog in particular (bragging is good!)?

I like that my blog has earned the title "Best Blog in the Universe" because, phew, how disappointing would that be if it wasn't!?

Blogging gives me a way to speak to dog lovers. Thankfully, my blog has a super secret code that doesn't allow readers to ever close the window, thereby forcing them to participate in doggy conversation on a daily basis, whether they like it or not. That really helps out my numbers.

Paws to Rufflect, if anything, is honest. I don't want people who are just starting their search for dog training answers to think that there's a quick fix. There is no diet pill for dog training. 

BTW, I've just been informed that a piece of toilet paper shaped like a first-place ribbon is not a legitimate award. Especially for a made-up prize such as "Best Blog in the Universe." One can dream.

What do you like least?

I get all super inspired, whip out a blog entry, proofread it and then can't help but ask myself, "Why would anyone want to read this sh--!?" 

Getting off track is a terrible habit of mine...my brain just zooms all over the place. I need to find a topic and focus on it and get the blog entry posted. There are about eleventy-million drafts right now waiting to be developed in to something...

How do you see your blog changing or growing in 2011?

No offense to Blogger but this is the year I'm going to join the Wordpress crew.

Also, I'd really like to see the articles take up less space and the comments take up more. I want to get to know more people through my blog and others...

Oh! And I think we'll be changing the name. I know, I know, all this mess about "Pawsing to Rufflect" and now I'm talking about changing that. But I'm Hawaiian. Kahuna's K9s is Hawaiian (if a business can have an ethnicity). So, that means the blog name, in order to stay true to my heart, should be Hawaiian. 

Bottom line: I want to challenge myself this year. Finishing this blog challenge was a pretty good start...


  1. Love you sense of humor. This is definetly thefunniest entry in the challenge. Glad I found you, we have a fearful dog too and getting/reading all the help we can get.

  2. OOO! It's Kenzo! I've totally lurked your page too! So glad you stopped in! Wasn't this blog challenge inspiring!?

  3. Thanks for coming by! Glad we decided to cut laggards -- and people with sinus infections -- a little slack.

    These were really fun answers!

  4. Thanks Edie! What an awesome idea, I'm thrilled I got the chance to take part! Thanks for taking pity on folks like me ;)

  5. Yay! Now I can comment! I really enjoyed reading your post. Gus is a reactive dog so I'm hoping to learn a thing or two from you and B.

    P.S. A toilet paper shaped like ribbon totally counts!

  6. B asked me to pass it on to Gus not to get any ideas and keep his paws to himself...which, knowing how she can be, really means: "Welcome G-Man! I'm so glad you're here learning with us!" ;)

  7. Stopping by on the hop... really enjoyed your answers. I love your sense of humor. :)

  8. Hi Pup Fan!! Thanks for stopping by! Stopped over on your blog - LOVE the name! And never knew about No Frown Friday! I'll be joining in on that one, who can frown when puppies are around?!

  9. Loved reading your responses, as they seemed so heartfelt and honest --- two of my favorite things. Nice to meet you!

  10. Aw! Thanks for the kind words Vicky! You can stop in anytime, with a chipper attitude like that ;)

    BTW - your blog is absolutely to die for! I'm jealous...like you walked on the scene with the newest Celeb-handbag!! Lovely!