Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mama Said Knock You Out!

OOOOO! Kuna just got his butt handed to him! And it was lovely!

Sarah is my ol' number one...mama's favorite.


Kuna was being his normal annoying self - chewing her face, licking in her mouth and chasing her when she tries to get away. He reminds us of a pesky mosquito.

Welp, today he just pushed her too far. Before we knew it, we heard her unleash the beast and yell at him.  I shouted "Hey!" to break it up and quickly saw that there were no teeth on skin and everyone was okay. 

Inside, it made me smile. Does that make me evil??

Let's face it - Kuna is a juvenile boy. He's cuddly and cute for, like, 2 hours out of the day. The other hours he spends awake, he's a total A-hole. Sometimes, it takes another dog (a very motherly one, at that) to tell him enough is enough!

Don't worry, they're still buddies at the end of the day, collaborating on how to mess up our living room with more stuffing and toys.

But I'm glad someone is able to tame this rambunctious boy!

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  1. It's awards night. And you've just been given a Stylish Blogger Award. Come on over to Something Wagging This Way Comes to pick it up.

    Oh, and good for you Sarah!