Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thuper Thursday - Meet Sheldon

TADA! [Imagine a dog just jumped out of a cake - it's that kind of awesome!]

We promised something fun was coming and here it is: Thuper Thursday!!

Yes, the name is ridiculous. But here at Paws to Rufflect, if it's ridiculous and fun, then the fun wins out!

We noticed more folks are jumping on the PtR party train and therefore, wanted to get everyone acquainted. What better way than to introduce people's dogs! Thinking of a name for this event was even more fun:

we're huge fans of silly alliteration and we think you and your dogs are super soooo...


(if the name didn't make you smile one bit, then we've failed you!)

Without further adieu, this week's thuper dog:

Name: Sheldon

Age: 1

Location: Texas

Owner's name: Toni

Breed: Border Collie

Other names you go by: Shelly, Shells, Sheldy, Bubba, Bebe

Favorite food: everything but my own, but I go crazy for cheese whiz

Favorite resting spot: my bed, the couch or somewhere cool like tile floor

Favorite human: my mommy's friend, Juno

Biggest fear: the bathtub

What do you do the best? Look cute, go potty and play fetch

What do you do the worst?  Jump on people when they come over, I'm just so excited to see everyone

If you were on a T.V. show, which one would it be and why? The Big Bang Theory. I would be Sheldon Cooper's side kick

Who would play you in the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster about your life? Jim Parsons aka Sheldon Cooper

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Stay week we're featuring an Irish dog for St. Patty's Day!!