Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Save $29.99

Dog training can cost some cash, this is true. And since every trainer pretty much sets their own price, you're going to find many variances. To help out, we're going to show you how to save at least $29.99.

You ready for this?

It takes virtually no time at all! You don't even have to get up from the couch!

The secret to saving nearly 30 dollars is.......

Don't buy this.

Easy enough, right?

Decoding the lingo

Right off the bat, the description gets on my bad side.

"You can now speed-train your Dog by taking advantage of their natural desire to obey you."

I wanna hurl. We've covered this before. Thinking it's a dog's instinct to please us is selfish. Thinking it's their desire to obey is insane. Do not base your dog's training on this fantasy - you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Read more of the description below - see if any more words jump out at you. Naturally, I added my two cents.

"Introducing shakeTrainer... the first gentle training system [hearing "shake" and "gentle" in the same description makes me scratch my head in bewilderment] created by professionals, approved by vets, and works on virtually all dogs in just minutes. You can quickly put a stop to endless barking, rapidly end destructive chewing, reduce indoor "accidents", and much more, all without using harmful training collars [hooray!!!!] or paying for expensive obedience classes [disappointed 'aw']. The secret to eliminating these annoying behaviors is shakeTrainer's super fast two step training system. Not only is it easy to use, you'll have fun too [WHA!?!?! I mean, how much fun can you really have shaking a can??] You'll see results immediately-shakeTrainer works like magic even if you've never had any luck training your dog before. A fresh approach to dog training [um, nuh-uh. This is totally old school] shakeTrainer has everything you need to end all of your dog's unwanted behaviors. [They forgot to add that it also has everything you need to send your dog to the looney bin!]

It almost sounds like those ads that tout "immediate weight loss! No exercise or dieting required! Lose 15 lbs in 2 days!" As desperate as my waistline is for this to be true, my brain says "uhhh, I don't think so sister" or in the words of Aunt Bunny, "Guuuuuuurl please."

No Pain, We Train!

Something that makes noise to stop behavior is a punishment. In other words, it is something unpleasant (an aversive) that is done on purpose to stop behavior (a punishment). Other examples include: spray bottles, yelling at your dog, slamming books, etc.

It isn't "training" your dog. Training would be teaching them to perform a different behavior:

Leave It - Mouth stays off of whatever the dog is going for

Out/Drop It - If something is in your mouth, let it out

Quiet - cease emitting sounds from your mouth

Ya better hurry...

In the time that it took me to author this dang post, is pulling the item; it's rumored that the next update for their site is March 4th.

Therefore, if you want to see just how ridiculous of a product this is, ya better skee-daddle over to their site. And when you're done giggling at this silly shake "trainer", peruse the Best Bully virtual aisles because their site rocks.

Make that "rocks super hard" considering they did an awesome job responding to a few cranky (rightfully so!) trainers.



  1. I think I'll pass. Thanks for checking out this product so I don't have to.

    The biggest transformation in my thinking about dogs came from reading Suzanne Clothier years ago. She was the first person I read who talked about having a relationship with your dog. And there's nothing quick about that.

    Of course, my dog is currently barking her head off because she's tired of me being at the computer (although she just came back from a nice long walk and snowball fight). Gee, maybe a shaker trainer isn't such a bad idea after all. :)

  2. Ya know, I tried this with a coffee can and some nails. It went super! Not. It only made Bizz bark AND pee...LOL

    I laugh now but it's also sad to think about.

    Perhaps your Honey is barking because she'd rather be blogging? ;)