Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow My Dog

It's been a cold winter in the last week alone. Thursday night we prepared for the record 30" snowfall - I'm thinking we were in the percentile that got more than that. Last night and today, we got another 10" just as we finished clearing the parking spots. I haven't seen this much snow since my years spent living in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. And here it is, dumped on top of us right here in the DC Metro region by Mother Nature.

As beautiful as snowfall can be, it can also be a pain. The dogs have no where to go to the bathroom (unless I get out there and pave a path). They can't get their normal exercise so I have to keep them active and engaged mentally. Just as people get stir-crazy, you can bet dogs do too. I have been working from home and my sister and niece have been here as well. The noise and activity level has been at an all-time high. You better believe the dogs notice this in comparison to their normal days spent in quiet slumber on every couch in the house. (I can't prove that last part, but I've gathered some incriminating evidence over the years such as sunken couch pillows, slobber spots and extra dog hair...)

The best advice I can give: keep yourself connected with your dogs and how they're feeling. Learn some new tricks, work on perfecting old tricks and, if you have a multiple dog household, give each dog their special "me-time". Take notice when your dog is acting funny - it could just be that she, too, is experiencing a bit of snowverkill.

Stay warm!

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