Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Change - Blog the Change

Blog the Change

Where do I begin!? There are so many changes in the works for the welfare of animals, I can't help but be a little giddy. For all that is wrong in the world, there are people out there fighting to make it right.

I know. It sounds a bit too sun-shiny and optimistic. You may be wondering how I can be so happy when there are losers abusing animals, dirty dog-fighting money being won at the cost of a dog's life, dogs being outlawed because of their seems everywhere we turn, there's another reason for us to lose hope in the human race.

So why am I so happy?? Because there are people out there fighting for the animals. It's apparent that the public is becoming outraged and demanding action, voices are getting louder and we all know there is strength in numbers.  It takes less effort to turn a cheek than it does to open your mouth and say, "I don't like this!!"

Rage on, my fellow animal-rights crusaders! Today is Blog the Change for the Animals Day!


  1. Wanted to thank you for commenting on our blog and to thank you for being honest about your struggles with your dogs. It is so refeshing to find dog trainers who are real and human! I have come across too many who think they are God's gift to you and your dog.

    Because we have few trainers in area and we had problems with both of them, we have been doing all of our training/behavior issues our self. It takes longer, but we have seen a lot of progress.

    We love your blog and are looking forward to more.

  2. Sorry for the delayed reply!

    I think it's great that you are taking on training issues - many just "wish" they would go away! Two du-claws up! ;P

    Thanks for the comments and we appreciate the follow!