Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Ahhh...what a wonderful day for a tree-hugger like myself - a perfect chance to pass along some "recycling" tips for all you dog owners out there! Not only are these a great way to reuse things, but they can save  you some money too! Enjoy!

- Got an empty water bottle? Before putting it in the recycling bin, remove the lid and stuff it with some tasty treats or kibble.  Give this to your dog for some mental stimulation! When they're done, then toss it in the recycling bin!
* Besides removing the lid before giving it to my dogs, I also cut a slit in the bottom of the bottle because I'm paranoid their tongue will get stuck and then the bottle will get suctioned shut...I highly recommend this.*

- About to throw out some old t-shirts? Cut them in to long pieces first, then tie these pieces together in several knots to make a fun tug/chew toy for your dog!

- About to throw out the peanut butter container? WAIT! Just take the lid off and let your dog clean the inside!

- Got a spare cardboard box? Hide treats under this and watch as your dog tries to get inside of it!

- About to throw away an old pair of shoes? Use these shoes to train your dog to retrieve your shoes! You won't be worried about them getting slobbery during the training period!

Hopefully, this list gets you thinking of all the ways you can reuse things in your house.  If anyone has any cool ideas they want to share, feel free to post!!

** This list provides suggestions of ways for you AND your dog to play together.  Because many household items can be harmful if ingested, be sure to closely supervise your dog.**


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